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Monday, May 14, 2012

GameStop Stopping UMD Sales


According to a report on Kotaku, GameStop is slowly doing away with its stock of UMDs and moving its stores away from selling PSP games at retail. “Gaming retailer GameStop is cutting down on its inventory, removing PSP games from a quarter of its stores,” according to Kotaku.
As such, the “smallest 25% of [GameStop] stores” are getting rid of PSP games “to maximize the merchandising space” at those outlets.
Kotaku notes that “GameStop will continue to sell PSP games at its bigger locations,” as well as on its website.
While the PSP continues to thrive in its native Japan, with new releases regularly charting each week and still more in development, the PSP essentially has one foot in the grave in the west. But for those still interested in purchasing PSP games, the PlayStation Network has a great deal of them available digitally for play on both PSP and PS Vita.

Now in my opinion would be the best time to phase out the old PSPs for the Vita.  Will there be a shift from the PsP to the Vita with rumored games and price drops in the works, we will know all this and more at this years E3 2012!


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