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Monday, April 9, 2012

Satellite Broadband Internet For The Rest Of Us!!



Broadband in the boonies has long been an unreasonable ask. As slack-jawed farmers are fond of telling lost tourists "Ya can't get there from here," broadband-starved country bumpkins have heard from cable companies, "We don't offer service in that location." Options have been few, like paying said cable company thousands to run some copper a few miles down the road, or making a second mortgage payment for a dedicated T3 line.

Over the years satellite Internet has been offered as an alternative for broadband in places where bears do their business, but as we've seen it's never really worked. Bandwidth has been low, latency high and pricing on the tall side of average have made services like WildBlue and HughesNet untenable to all but the most dedicated wilderness lovers.

Now a new player approaches, and the offerings certainly sound compelling. It's called Exede from ViaSat and it promises speeds of up to 12Mbps down and 3Mbps up -- comparable to your average household "broadband" connection. However, with monthly fees ranging from $50 to $130 depending on how much data you need, this has the potential to be considerably more costly is it worth it? Well its mainly for the enterprise or government networks but now is offing Internet to the public with little or no choice for real broadband Internet.  If you are in an area that doesn’t get Internet through fiber nor cable this may be for you! Make sure you have no trees in the area where your ViaSat Dish will be pointing or if you do make sure their not close to the area which can block the view of the dish to the orbiting satellites. Next find out if you can afford the monthly bill this will cost a bit more to get and use than the standard broadband lines due to the cost of the hardware and the service required. Finally if you live in an area that gets stormy a lot this may reduce the liability of the use of the ViaSat due to the clouds, moisture, & electrical interference from the roaming storm lowing the connection quality of speed and sometime outage till the storm lessens.  This is why most go for the cable solution less to no downtime and high bandwidth through put which until now satellite bandwidth was low and slower than the average dialup speed. But even though I personally don’t need this system from ViaSat I love the idea of this true High speed broadband service via the newest technology via satellite connection, if you think your one who needs this like if your living in the boon docks or something or out in the wilderness in a cabin this is a great safe bet. I know one person who uses this system and stated that it was the best he had ever seen since the very low speed and unreliable HughesNet service he had previously. His average speeds were 2 -5Mbps to 200mbps upload which is good enough for Netflix and downloads.  On the site there are a lot of deals on waiving the equipment purchasing and a 24 month deal which was good in my mind so take a look and tell us what you think!

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