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Monday, April 9, 2012

Sony Launched Amazon Instant Video For PS3

Watch purchased TV shows, movies and more on your console.


Amazon revealed its Instant Video application for PlayStation 3, which can be downloaded right this very moment on the PlayStation Network. To do so, go to the TV/Video Services bar on the XMB, head to My Channels, and download the Amazon Instant Video software.

Amazon Instant Video comes with full functionality, including the ability to rent and purchase movies and television shows directly to your PS3. Amazon Prime members will also get all of their freebies and perks carried over to PlayStation 3.

It's worth noting that Amazon Instant Video is a streaming service, like Netflix, and doesn't require full downloads of movies and television shows, essentially freeing up drive space.

Will Microsoft’s Xbox360 start to allowing Amazon to get their video streaming service on the Xbox dashboard as via app or will they stay with the standard Netflix, Xbox Zune Video service, HBO GO, & Hulu apps only?  What do you think may happen if they did allow for Amazon to get into the game sort of speak? And is and probably will the Wii U will have Amazon Video Ect on their system from launch.

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