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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, April 27, 2012

HardDrive Chaos


Question? Do you have hard drive chaos in your house or business?  Well today is your lucky day if you’re someone like me and you have a lot of good drives left over from your old PCs, laptops, ECT. You have a chance to turn them from useless unknowns to working usable drives for storing life's data, music, videos anything! All you need is the right disk enclosure & some free software which can be easily obtained from Cnet's download.com website called (EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition) or you can use windows format utility program. First for the enclosure make sure what type of drive you have either a 2.5inch or a 3.5inch drive plus check if it’s a sata or ata drive then shop away!   The best sites for cheap but good priced hard drive enclosures are NewEgg.com & Tigerdirect.com; Tigerdirect has a lot of the same popular drives as NewEgg.com sometimes more of the corporate type enclosures for the technology advanced. As for NewEgg.com you can get very decent priced great quality drives with most of the time free shipping, you can't beat that.
http://www.pclaunches.com/entry_images/1108/29/io-data_1.5tb-hard-drive-thumb-450x375.jpgOk got the enclosure that you want now go ahead and install on your PC or laptop the software or if you have chosen to use the Windows format utility go with that, now let's put that hdd you have chosen into the enclosure, attach it to the enclosure's cable, next screw up the sides or bottom with the provided hdd mount screws, then enclose that enclosure with its hard shell, next any screws or clips to close it up screw in now, done...  Now plug in with its provided cables and or power cable to the pc . Windows should recognize that a drive is connected to it when powered up, if not go to the my computer part and select refresh or search new devices, when Windows finds the device and the HDD still has data on it and you want it gone go to (EASEUS Partition Master 9.1.0 Home Edition) and start it up and select the new drive then select format or erase to clean everything off the drive you can do a more deep format for a more secure clean NOTE: this will take a longer time. If you choose the Windows format utility select format quick or full format & the type of format me personally I would keep the NTFS format for larger drives or for a small drive FAT or FAT 32 is the way 2 go. But still choose NTFS for a safe clean format that will keep your drive working for a long time. Congratulations Now you have a working external drive on the cheap to take with you any where you go!  For a more added maintenance perspective for your drive use a defragmentation program called smart defrag which can be downloaded for free from download.com and search by name this program will help to keep lots of files organized on your drive and use if knowing Microsoft's disk check utility for added protection.
One last thing for major paranoid people wanting total drive working conditions use a Paid program called SpinRite from www.grc.com or Google spinrite it’s a $89.00 program but worth every penny all professionals use this disk utility in their PC shops!

For more uses for drives like USB Drives I have ideas below;

Here are six cool things you can do with your USB flash drive, in our series roundup of "What to do with your USB flash drive." Each item is linked with step-by-step instructions.
Have you ever wanted to try Linux but were too afraid? Linux Live media allows you to boot to and run the entire OS from the CD/DVD, or in our case, a USB flash drive. This is a great way to give Linux a try without actually altering your system.

Windows computers can be maintained easily with a variety of tools, right from your USB flash drive. With a program called Parted Magic, you can partition your drives, reset your Windows password, clone your hard disk, and more. Parted Magic is essentially Linux Live, with a ton of useful utilities included.
Yes--transporting files and documents with a USB flash drive is cool. Losing your USB flash drive is not so cool. We show you how to encrypt your entire USB flash drive to keep curious eyes from accessing your files.

Installing operating systems with an optical disc is so 2005. Besides, your shiny new portable Netbook or laptop may not even have an optical drive. In just a few short steps, you can create a USB Windows 7 installation drive.
We all love our tablets and smartphones, but a USB flash drive can run apps, too. Just pop it into a host computer and run Firefox with all your bookmarks, edit documents with OpenOffice, play games, and more.

Did a virus or Trojan take your computer down? Run a rescue CD from your USB flash drive to get it back up and running. Give out rescue USB flash drives to all your relatives who undoubtedly have you on speed dial for tech support.

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Posted By: Mr. Mike

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