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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Friday, April 6, 2012

Going To Be A Gaming WeekEnd

Planning A Special Gamer/Tech SuperCast This MONDAY!
All this talk about the rumored Xbox720 and the Playstation 4 got me thinking and a bit disgruntled about the whole rumor ordeal.  There is alot of different publications, websites, and yes bloggers out there reporting on the fiction of what is happening in the gaming world right now on when and what the new hardware they will have, look like, and when they come out. Right now there is only speculative time frames as stated by the console makers on the releases of their new glories. Because I have not done a Gamer/Tech cast last week this week there will be 2 casts both on all of the fiction or non fiction that is surrounding the gaming industry and the consoles being developed right now! Putting to rest some rumors, making some predictions, asking ourselves on what we want, how the industry that is gaming is changing dramatically for the better or worse, and what is for the future of the console, games, & the industry as a whole. All this and more on the 2 Gamer/Tech AudioCasts!
Please Note: there can be some adult content in these casts not always suitable for all! These audiocasts can average over an hour each and recorded in HD audio making them a larger mp3 file. Enjoy!
Any questions, comments on what you think about any of this news in gaming, games, and the industry. Comment below or email us: corecast2011@gmail.com


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