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GameOn - Skyrim PC Episode #88

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome To The Official JuJu2Cast Network via Blogger.com!
Yes I know this is basically a blog site but why cant it also be an amazingly awesome, cool, informative, high tech, social website?
It can and will and I am personally glad that this will be an informative place for any & all to come and see. Me personally am not a good writer In fact I sparingly write on any basis, but this site is not just for news print but for also Video & Audio Casting which is what I do.  Mainly another site for my JuJu2Cast Programs from YouTube to my new audiocasting AkA known as podcasting program JuJu2Cast AudioCast.

JuJu2Cast via YouTube is my own video casting hobby that I like to make videos about anything from gadget reviews, to playing video games/reviews, Android devices & Apps, & also anything else social! To view the Official JuJu2Cast YouTube Network Page Click this link:    http://www.youtube.com/user/JuJuCast2?feature=watch

JuJu2Cast AudioCast is my new extended once a week podcast show that I will be making with my friend Andre AkA Dr. Dre which you can listen to anywhere you want download, play, share whatever you want or where you want to listen from its your choice! I will soon hopefully get an RSS feed on these audiocasts to be downloaded to any RSS feed podcast player & also I am going to try getting this as a podcast on Itunes in the near future so be patient & hold on its going to be a ride! Right Now you can either play or download these audiocasts from Archive.org which is a site where I store the audio on. To listen or download Click This Link:  http://bit.ly/Aq32jz

Here at the JuJu2Cast Network you will be able to view all my videos or listen/download all of our audiocasts right here for free enjoy!! Please email us any questions you may have for any of our videos or audio or blog news or just anything @ corecast2011@gmail.com


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